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Hard drive data recovery services

Netcontrol Disk Laboratory offers world leading hard drive data recovery services. Our hard drive data recovery experts can successfully perform data recovery on physically crashed hard drives. With specialized technique and tools file recovery and data reconstruction is performed in class 100 clean rooms.  Solution providers in the technology arena trust Netcontrol Disk Laboratory for hard drive data recovery, Solid state drive data recovery, flash drive data recovery, memory stick data decovery and other hard drive data recovery services when they need to recover critical data.

Our data recovery solutions feature the industry most advanced data recovery tools and specialized hard drive data recovery experts. As soon as your media is documented, your media is assigned to a data recovery engineer for evaluation. The data recovery diagnostics of the hard drive will determine the severity of the damage on the media and will also determine the best method to proceed with the data recovery. Our engineers can recover your lost documents, email, pictures music, databases and whatever is important to you.

Netcontrol.org is leader in the industry in providing professional hard drive data recovery services with highest degree of success.  The operations we perform for hard drive data recovery services  and repair is at the core of our expertise.  We perform hard drive data services on all type, brands and sizes of hard drives, saving incredible amount of valuable data for clients ranging from private individuals to Fortune 500 corporations.
All hard drive data recovery services are handled in our Laboratory and facilities. With frequency in controlled environment called the Clean Room.  Our hard drive data recovery experts work around the clock recovering your critical data. The Data recovery time frame, is within 2 to 5 business days.
Netcontrol Data Recovery Experts

What To Do in case of a hard drive failure? For successful hard drive data recovery services, the following is recommended.

  • Immediately turn off and stop using your computer or hard drive - any further use can endanger your data beyond anybody's ability to recover. Once computer is off do not power on or restart your computer. Disconnect the computer or hard drive from power.
  • Stopping all use of the damaged equipment or medium is the single most important step in any data loss prevention.
  • Attempting to perform data recovery on your own is very dangerous - if you are not absolutely sure of what you are doing, you might jeopardize the safety of your data.
  • Do not attempt to use hard disk data recovery software, third party utilites can damage the file structure further.
  •  Do not try to disassemble the hard drive on your own. Continue using your hard drive while it is in a degraded state can endanger your data and make the data recovery process more difficult.
  • Contact a data recovery expert for professional assistance, when data loss is inminent, avoid calling your local computer repair shop.

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Hard drive data recovery services experts.
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